Are you dreaming

of your unique

custom fragrance ?

Fragrance made of

natural essences,

composed according

to your preferences?

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création de parfum


Rose garden
Vintage Botanic Background

grown by nature

Compose Icon

composed by us

Blooming pink flowers of wild rose. Spring summer natural pattern floral background.




Fragrances made of

natural essences

Jasmine perfume
Perfume Vintage Bottle

Scented candles

Pink star illustration
pink Glitter Swirl

Fragrances de Grasse

flower and candles

Scented soaps and other fragranced products

Natural handmade soap. Spa

What we

do for you

Perfume Atomizer Illustration

Compose your unique

personal fragrance


essential oils and abolues

all of them plant based


assembled into an

alcohol based

or solid perfume

Hand with Perfume Bottle
confetti ribbon gold, sticker golden confetti
Perfume Vintage Bottle

We design

your labels

(if you wish so)

Hand Holding Pen Vintage Engraving
Hand-Drawn Doodle Frame

We even design

your labels

(if you wish so)

Watercolor Vintage Calligraphy  and Wax Seal


Custom fragranced


Once you dispose of your custom fragrance, you may

wish to have your body lotion accordingly.

In this case we provide you

with the essential oil composition and non-perfumed ready-made high quality body lotions or mix them for you.


You may need fragranced

candles for an upcoming event or you want to have your own candle line in your shop or business?

Or at home?

watercolor illustration christmas decorative candle
Watercolor Lotus Candle for Wesak


Soap Vintage Illustration

If you run a B&B and wish

to provide unique body

products or soaps for your

guests, we produce them

for you according to your

selection of one of our

many fragrance or essential oils.


You may enjoy an afternoon of

“scent tasting”

together with your friends

or team or your family.

Rose Bouquet Outline Illustration
Transparent watercolor stain , watercolor or acrylic texture white
Test Tubes
MarQue Rose Petals

Have you ever smelled the scent of vetiver only, not mixed in a fragrance?

Or a lavender from France and one from Bulgaria?

The smell of a turkish Damascena rose?

Or of yellow Mandarine?

A Himalayan cedar and a Marrocan Atlas Cedar?

Watercolor Flower Illustration
White Neon Frame

Our “tasting” with Stéphanie and Philipp at Chateau de la Lande

(starts at minute 17)

What will

this cost ?

Antique Cash Register Machine Hand Drawn Outline Doodle Icon.

. . .


& Time

Vintage clock
Vintage Cash Register

and, you’ve guessed it,

money: for the precious

materials and time

necessary for the whole




Watercolor vintage clock
Soft and Grainy Perfumes
Women's perfume spraying

We developed a system where you receive pure essential oils in alcohol and do the “tasting” at

home at your own pace:

“ The BOX ”

Once you’ve evaluated the materials, based on your preferences, we compose three samples.

One might already make

you happy, if not, we create another three samples, based on one

of the first three samples.

Perfume bottle
perfume bottle
Line art hand drawn perfume bottle
Perfume Bottle

Creating a fragrance

demands a lot of time

and patience. It needs

several attempts to get

to the final result,

each attempt needs a

minimum of two months

as the essences need

time to mingle together.

Calculate for each step

around 280 Euros,

depending on the

components used.



Two Champagne Glasses Couple Cheers
Vintage Sketchy Champagne

The duration of an event

can be 2-4 hours, up to

several days.

Rose Gold Watercolor Stain
Friends and Family Gathers in the Living Room

Calculate around 80 Euros per person for 2 hours approximately,

depending on the total

number of persons

and the nature of the

event, the total length

as well as the distance to get there.


It is also possible to

organize an event where

the material is sent to

the participants and

the event is hold online.

Pharmacy bottles

Cost depend on material.



Close-up of Scented Candles

Cost varies largely according to the components used.

Depending on the total

number of candles of

one kind and the related work (label design etc)

the price varies.

For example

10 candles 200 g: 30 Euros per item plus cost of vessel

A Set of Different Aroma Candles in Glass Jars on a White Background. Scented Handmade Candle. Soy Candles Are Burning in a Jar.Wax and Paraffin in a Jar

In general, we use EU soy wax for our candles.

We dispose of a large variety of containers for you to choose from. Costs are from 4 Euros to 10 Euros or more.

For wooden wicks we calculate around 3 Euros.

Jars with Scented Candles

Wax melts

Using homemade mini wax melts in aromatherapy lamp diffuser at home interior concept. Melts making ingredients on table for unbleached beeswax, solid coconut oil, essential oil, dried flowers.

If you prefer wax melts, we make them for you.

Home made wax melts

Depending on the total

quantity of melts of

one kind and specific shapes or forms

the price varies.

For example ten items of aproximately 200 g will cost you 30 Euros per item plus packaging

Handmade Wax Melts



For a custom soap creation, based on

existing fragrances we

charge around 120 Euro per kilogram,

which corresponds to

10 soap bars of 100 gr.

This price is without packaging.

pink Glitter Swirl
Soap Bars on a Wooden Tray

We use sheabutter, coconut oil, rapeseed and almond oil for our soaps

Organic Body Care Products
Coconut Fruit Half
Almond Nuts with Leaves

Body care


We don’t produce cosmetics, we use high

quality ready-made body lotions, made with precious plant oils as base for the perfumed product.

Beauty moisturizing cream for drying Natural skin care cosmetics
Organic Abstract Shape
Curls and Dots
transparent glass bottle with lavender spray
Turn Over Arrow
Green organic blob shape irregular form. Simple spot shape
White Oriental Lilies Illustrations

Spray & Reed


Cut-Out Abstract Riso Vertical Curl Accent

You prefer diffusers or room sprays?

We provide you with both, and bed linen sprays.

Abstract Curly Line
Abstract Curly Line
Reed Diffuser on Table in Room



We took part in the "tasting" with Stéphanie and Philippe at Chateau de Lalande.

It was very interesting and entertaining and we learned a lot about the natural ingredients of perfumery.